Federal public company. To support innovation, BNDES seeks to act in line with the public policies in force and in a complementary manner to the other institutions of the National Innovation System, working in all sectors of the economy, including those of low and medium technology, considered more traditional. Check out the main mechanisms of the Bank to support innovation.

BNDES – Finem
Investments can be financed for implementation, expansion, recovery and modernization of fixed assets in the sectors of industry, trade, services and agriculture, noting the eligible items in each line. More Information.

BNDES – Innovation
Financing for the Investment Plan for Innovation (IPI), to be presented according to the perspective of the company’s business strategy, covering either its capacity to innovate as potentially disruptive innovations or product incremental innovations, process and marketing. More Information.

BNDES – Automatic
Financing of up to R$ 20 million to project implementation, expansion and modernization of enterprises, including investments in research, development and innovation. More Information.

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) that wish to invest in innovation may request the BNDES Card to fund the hiring of R,D&I services focused on the development of products and processes. More Information.

BNDES Credit Limit
Revolving credit with limit set by BNDES for financial support for companies or economic groups representing low credit risk. It is intended to enable current investments in their sectors of activity and investments in research, development and innovation. More Information.

BNDES Technological Solutions
Financial product that aims to support the trading market of technological solutions in the country by funding the purchase of solutions and assisting in the consolidation of a communication channel between buyers and suppliers.
More Information.

BNDES ProBK – Innovation
Financing for Investment Plans in Innovation and activities of development engineering and improvement of products and processes for capital goods companies and their supply chain. More Information.

BNDES Proengenharia
Financing for engineering in the sectors of capital goods, defense, automotive, aeronautical, aerospace, nuclear and supply chain of oil and gas and naval industries. More Information.


BNDES Profarma
Financing for investments of companies based in Brazil and inserted in the health industrial complex. More Information.

BNDES Proplástico
Support companies in the plastic production chain. Directed to innovative projects based on technological development of research, development and innovation activities in the country. More Information.

BNDES Prosoft
Support the development of national software industry and Information Technology (IT) services. More Information.

Support the implementation of Brazilian System of Digital Terrestrial TV. More Information.

Inova Empresa Plan – BNDES and Finep
Since 2011, BNDES, Finep and other public agencies have participated in Inova Empresa Plan, which aims to foster innovation support projects in various sectors of the economy.
Through Inova Empresa, Joint Plans are carried out, consisting of public calls for selection of projects to be covered by support mechanisms available by BNDES, Finep and other public agencies participating. More Information.

BNDES Funtec
The Technological Fund is intended to financially support projects that encourage technological development and innovation of strategic interest for the country. More Information.

BNDES Closed-end Mutual Funds
It allows the participation of BNDES with investments in emerging companies. More Information.

BNDES Funttel
In order to increase the competitiveness of the Brazilian telecommunications industry, it stimulates the process of technological innovation, encourages the training of human resources, fosters job creation and promotes the access of small and medium enterprises to capital resources. More Information.

Criatec Program
Created from BNDES` initiative and maintained by a consortium of service providers, it is a seed capital fund for investments in emerging innovative companies.
More Information.