As a representative entity of innovative companies and institutions, the National Association of Research and Development of Innovation Companies (Anpei) serves with government bodies, productive sectors and opinion leaders, spreading the importance of technological innovation on the companies competitiveness and Brazil’s development.
The Association is constituted by companies of different sizes and Brazil’s productive chains leaders, that continuously invest in research, development and innovation (R,D&I). In this respect, its multi-sectorial character is a great differential.
Anpei is also formed by the National Innovation System (SNI) entities, such as universities, public and private research institutes, industry federations and government bodies, such as science, technology and innovation government departments and state research support foundations. There are also individual members, people that act or have interests on the politics and innovation management areas.
Anpei promotes integration and partnership between all these SNI players for the sake of technological innovation, with over 250 associates that represent R$ 10 billions on R,D&I investments in the country, annually.
The Association participates actively on debates that guide innovation tax incentives, the Brazilian intellectual property system, and other pertinent themes on national science, technology and innovation (S,T&I) agenda.
In addition to the political lobbying, the Association promotes the innovation culture. One of the main actions in these terms is the Anpei Technological Innovation Conference, the biggest annual event on innovation in the country. The event brings together on the same place national and international innovation specialists and representatives of the government, companies and teaching and research institutes.
Anpei also acts on human resources building capacity for innovation, through the continued education program EducAnpei, with technological innovation courses.
Another important Anpei initiative is the Thematic Committees that gather together monthly to debate and trade experiences.

The National Association for Research and Development of Innovative Companies (Anpei) was articulated in the early 1980s under the PACTo – Management Program in Science and Technology – action line of Fundação Instituto de Administração (Business Foundation Institute) of Universidade de São Paulo (University of São Paulo).
As a regular activity of this program came the RENAD’s – National Meetings of Industrial Companies Technology Centers Managers, which, among other topics, used to discuss improvement of conditions for the practice of R,D&I in companies; projection and visibility of this role to senior management; exchange of successful management models and human resources absorption and training.
In 1983 it was proposed and approved the foundation of a national association to exercise an active role in representing companies engaged in R,D&I activities with government and community.
In April 1984, under the Implementation Committee leadership, Anpei was officially established as a non-profit entity.

Stimulate innovation in companies as a strategic factor for its competitiveness and productivity and for the country’s economic, industrial, scientific and technological policy.