The business plan, besides reducing the risks and uncertainties of an innovation project, is a requirement for financing of most funding agencies and development banks.
The plan, which describes the objectives of a business and the steps that must be taken to achieve them, is a key tool in the activities planning and introduction of an innovation.
It helps to decide if an idea is viable and to search more detailed information about the business, products and services that the company intends to offer, customers, competitors, suppliers and, especially, about the strengths and weaknesses of the business. In addition, it identifies opportunities and analyzes the market.
Although there is not a standardized model of business plan, in general, the document presents information about the entrepreneurs, professional experience and competences; enterprise data (company’s mission, sectors of activity, legal form, tax framework, corporate capital, source of funds); market analysis, potential customers; marketing, financial and operational plans, and a strategic evaluation on the business.
Thus, the training of professionals involved is fundamental. The Educanpei  continuing education platform provides the necessary training for the management processes of the innovative efforts of companies.