Research funding agency, linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), CNPq participates in the formulation, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and dissemination of the National Science and Technology Policy. One of its focuses is to promote and foster technological innovation. For this, it offers various scholarship programs to retain researchers, of all levels, in companies. More Information.

High school and graduation:
Technological and Industrial Initiation – ITI
Technological Initiation in Information and Communication Technologies – ICTs – ITC

Interuniversity exchange doctorate – SWI

Business Post-doctorate – PDI
Technological and Industrial Development – DTI
Visiting Specialist – EV
Support for Knowledge Dissemination – ADC
Extensionism Initiation – IEX
Fixing and Training of Human Resources – SET
Technical support in Extension in the Country – ATP
Extension in the country – EXP
Internship / Training abroad – BSP
Visiting Specialist Grant – BEV
Internship / Training in the country – BEP
Technological Development in Information and Communication Technologies – ICTs – DTC

RHAE Program – Innovation
Directed to the insertion of masters and doctors in private companies, preferably in the micro, small and medium-size ones. It uses a set of modalities of technological funding grants, specially created to gather highly qualified personnel in R&D activities in companies, as well as to teach and train human resources that work on applied research projects or technological development. More Information.