The Financier of Studies and Projects (Finep) is one of the main funding agencies in the country. Linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), operates in the whole innovation chain, focusing on actions that are strategic, structural and have an impact in sustainable development of Brazil. Finep works with various forms of financing (refundable, non-refundable, integrated), as well as promoting entrepreneurial capital funds. Check out some programs and lines of Finep.

Inovacred Companies and STIs
It aims to provide financing to companies of annual or annualized gross operating revenue of up R$ 90 million for investment in products` development or improvement, processes and services or organizational innovation and marketing, in order to increase the business competitiveness at the regional or national level. More Information.

It aims to create favourable financial conditions and support innovation – through economic subsidy resources – for the fast growth of micro and enterprises, focusing on the support to technological innovation and also to state partners. More Information.

Direct and Indirect Investment
Finep invests in technology-based companies in two ways. Direct investment consists of promoting transactions of equity interest acquisition directly by Finep. In indirect investment, capitalization proposals of equity funds are selected to receive allocation of resources. In this case the investment operations are carried out by the managers of the selected funds. More Information.

Innovation in Assistive Technology
It finances technological development and innovation of products, processes and services for people with disabilities, reduced mobility and elderly. More Information.

Economic subsidy
The objective of the Economic Subsidy Program is to promote a significant increase in innovation activities and in competitiveness of companies and the country’s economy. This type of financial support consists of the application of public resources not refundable directly in companies, to share with them the costs and risks inherent in their activities. More Information.