In order to contribute to the advancement and improvement of the available instruments, to leverage Brazilian investment in innovation and to promote good practices and learning in the use of instruments for fostering innovation, Anpei instituted, in 2013, the Innovation Thematic Funding Committee.
To promote a networking environment and mobilization around the issue, the Committee has the task to map, interpret and disseminate the best corporate and institutional practices related to the use and adequacy of funding instruments in Brazil directed to stimulate innovation.

Scheduled delivery
• Discuss experiences in the use of direct instruments to stimulate innovation, indirect instruments, venture capital, grant mechanisms, specific legislation (energy, O&G, telecommunications, and so on) and government procurement.
• Present experiences according to the product development cycle and the current funding instruments.
• Identify if there is adequacy of instruments according to the level of maturity of the market, sector and size of the organizations.
• Suggest a reflection on the use of these instruments under the perspective of risk inherent in innovation.

Coordinator:Luis Cláudio Frade (Engineer and member of Eletrobras Innovation Committee)

Vice-Coordinator: Isabela Dias (Specialist in Institutional Relations and Social Opportunity at TOTVS)
Responsible Directors: Raimar van den Bylaardt (IBP Consultant) and Geraldo Rochocz (Director of P, D & I at Radix)