News – Published in 26/10/2015

Anpei discusses amendments of the PM 694 with Joint Parliamentary Commitee
On September 30th, 2015 it was released the Provisional Measure (PM) 694 – suspending the benefits of the Good Law, which allow companies and private non-profit science and technology institutions to exclude from the net income, in the determination of the real profit and calculation basis of the Social Contribution on Net Income, the percentage spent on research and innovation. Ending the discussions initiated on October 14th, some parliamentarians concluded, this week, the composition of the joint commitee responsible for discussing the amendments and proposing a unifying text that will be brought to a vote in Congress.

President: Deputy Eduardo Cury (PSDB/SP);
Vice-president: Senator Benedito de Lira (PP/AL);
Rapporteur: Senator Romero Jucá (PMDB/RR);
Reviewer Rapporteur: Deputy Paulão (PT/AL).

Check out other parliamentarians (senators and deputies) that are part of the Joint Commitee of the Provisional Measure 694 of 2015:

Continuing the discussion in parliament about the negative impacts in the Brazilian economic development caused by PM 694, the National Association for Research and Development of Innovative Companies (Anpei) and the Business Mobilization through Innovation of CNI will disseminate in the coming weeks the amendments proposed to change the provisional measure along with the congressmen of MP 694 and of science and technology joint committee of both houses (House and Senate).

•Receipt of amendments before the Joint Commitee (Article 4th of the RCN N° 1/2002): 30/09/2015 – 06/10/2015;
• Obstruction of Plenary: 14/11/2015;
• Deadline, without extension: 28/11/2015.

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The PM 694 received 109 amendments, of which 28 are related to the Good Law. The others address other issues of the PM, different topics and so on.
These 28 converge with the interests of innovative companies and can be divided into three blocks:
• Suppressive (eliminates the article 3rd of PM 694);
• Amending (modifies exclusively the PM 694, generating tax credit with the RD&I expenses in 2016 and differing the benefit in 2017/2018 and 2019);
• Amending (modifies the PM 694 and improves the Good Law. Creates a definitive instrument for use of balances of Good Law between fiscal years and credit in 2016).

Parliamentary Amendment Party Amendment text
18 Acir Gurgacz PDT/RO Modifies exclusively the PM 694
28 Flexa Ribeiro PSDB/PA Suppressive
29 Jerônimo Goergen PP/RS Suppressive
31 Rogério Peninha Mendonça PMDB/SC Suppressive
34 Laércio Oliveira SD/SE Suppressive
37 Paulo Bauer PSDB/SC Benefit reduction to 50% of expenditures (bargaining risk in values)
39 Izalci PSDB/DF Modifies the PM 694 and improves the Good Law
40 Izalci PSDB/DF Modifies the PM 694 and improves the Good Law
41 Izalci PSDB/DF Modifies the PM 694 and improves the Good Law
42 Izalci PSDB/DF Modifies exclusively the PM 694
43 Izalci PSDB/DF Suppressive
48 Valdir Colatto PMDB/SC Suppressive
51 Douglas Cintra PTB/PE Modifies the PM 694 and improves the Good Law
55 Otávio Leite PSDB/RJ Suppressive
61 Izalci PSDB/DF Modifies exclusively the PM 694
71 Darcísio Perondi PMDB/RS Suppressive
77 Sérgio Vidigal PDT/ES Suppressive
78 Raul Jungmann PPS/PE Suppressive
89 Ana Amélia PP/RS Suppressive
90 Sibá Machado PT/AC Modifies exclusively the PM 694
91 Onyx Lorenzoni DEM/RS Suppressive
92 Lasier Martins PDT/RS Suppressive
95 Kaio Maniçoba PHS/PE Suppressive
98 Dalírio Beber PSDB/SC Suppressive
99 Alfredo Kaefer PSDB/PR Modifies the PM 694 and improves the Good Law
105 Alfredo Kaefer PSDB/PR Suppressive
108 Alfredo Kaefer PSDB/PR Modifies the PM 694 and improves the Good Law
109 Alfredo Kaefer PSDB/PR Modifies the PM 694 and improves the Good Law

The full text of the amendments can be viewed on the link:
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New Entities adhere to Manifesto
Since the 2nd of October, when the Anpei sent an open letter to repudiate the suspension of the Good Law (MP 694) for President Dilma Roussef, weekly new entities come into contact with the Association to sign the manifesto.

The latest that have joined the movement were:
ABIMDE – Brazilian Association of Defense and Security Materials Industries
ABIHPEC – the Brazilian Association of Toiletry and  Perfumery Industry
ABIMO – Industries Brazilian Association of the Medical Equipment, Dental, Hospital and Laboratory Equipment
AIAB – Aerospace Industries Association of Brazil
ITEHPEC – Institute of Technology and Studies for Cosmetics, Toiletries and Fragances

Check out all the partner organizations are mobilizing around this issue so far:

Are you interested in joining the initiative #naoasuspensaodaleidobem (no to the suspension of Good Law)? Send an email to: