ANPEI Braiin

Nucleus of studies connected with the actors of the National Innovation System (NIS) and other reference centers in the world.
Focused on producing information and strategic reports to assist members to make their business more competitive locally and globally, Braiin has the central objective of generating content to influence the development of NIS.
For this, the project will structure a permanent team, establish partnerships with national and international research institutes, develop regular reports on panoramas and innovation trends and elaborate guidelines according to the needs of members.

• Influence the NIS;
• Develop NIS and companies with border issues;
• Be a strategic point within organizations;
• Position Anpei as an intelligence reference in innovation nationally and internationally.

Braiin, Anpei’s think tank
Think tanks are organizations or institutions working in the field of interest groups, producing and disseminating knowledge about strategic issues to influence social, political, economic and scientific transformations.