Brazilian National Council for the State Funding Agencies (Confap) is a nonprofit organization that aims to better articulate the interests of state research funding agencies. Officially established in 2006, it gathers foundations from 24 states, plus the Federal District.
Check out the Funding Agencies of each Brazilian state.The State Funding Agencies (FAPs) have independent programs to encourage innovation in enterprises according to the characteristics of each state, for example, the PIPE, the PITE the ConSITec, the Support Foundation of São Paulo (FAPESP).Small Business Innovation Research Program – PIPE – Fapesp
It intends to support the accomplishment of scientific and / or technological research in small companies based in São Paulo State. The selected research projects must be developed by researchers who have an employment relationship with micro or small business or who are associated with them to carry out the projects. More Information.

Partnership for Technological Innovation Program – PITE – Fapesp
It aims to strengthen the relationship between higher education and research institutions and companies, through cooperative and co-financed research projects. More Information.

Sectorial Consortiums for Technological Innovation (ConSITec)
Tem o objetivo de estimular a colaboração entre grupos de pesquisa ligados a instituições paulistas e aglomerados de empresas de um mesmo setor para resolver problemas tecnológicos de interesse comum. As propostas de pesquisa devem permitir interação abrangente e sustentável por prazos mais dilatados.
More Information.