Active since 2007, the Committee has been a discussion forum to bring together academia and the business sector to promote innovation. This group featured models and ideal stages of this interaction, focusing on technological development and training. After intense exchange of experience in recent years, currently, the Committee focuses on consolidation and dissemination of macro-guidelines to promote interaction between scientific and technological institutions (STIs) and companies in the form of a guide of good practices.

Work Fronts
• Map in Brazil existing practices of partnerships between companies and STIs.
• Identify the levers of opportunities and existing barriers in different areas (legal, tax, and so on).
• List and consolidate the macro-guidelines that benefit the development of the interaction between STIs and companies.
• Connect the best market practices mapped to the defined guidelines.

Main deliveries
2012: Guide of good practices for STI-Company Interaction. – unpublished work released during the XII Anpei Conference in Joinville (SC). It presents the key aspects for successful partnerships.
2014: Brazilian Innovation System Map.
Developed in partnership with the Anpei Funding Committee, it is the result of a study on the interactive relations of the Brazilian innovation environment. It highlights the main actors, interaction flows and challenges of the Brazilian context. The map was released during the XIV Anpei Conference in São Paulo (SP).
2015: 3rd edition of the Guide of STI-Company interaction – The publication includes new content related to demands mapping and open innovation, new models of partnership in the national innovation system, update of legal provisions and new format based on a mental map to make the navigation through different parts of the Guide easier.

Coordinator: Leonardo Garnica (Innovation Systems Manager at Natura)

Vice-Coordinator: Patrícia Leal (Director of Intellectual Property at Inova Unicamp)
Responsible Directors: Sebastião Nau (Research and Development Manager at Weg) and Sayonara Moreira (Institutional Relations Manager at Whirlpool )