The United Kingdom has an annual budget of around £ 4.6 billion for research, development and innovation. Of this amount, £ 150 million are dedicated exclusively to the promotion of interaction between universities and companies.
For the period 2011-2015, around additional £ 20 billion will be invested in research. The UK`s structure of R&D includes universities active in innovation and government institutions, such as the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the Technology Strategy Board, the Intellectual Property Office and the Design Council.

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)
Promotes fiscal incentives for RD&I within the R&D Tax Credit program, which enables companies settled in the United Kingdom to claim deduction on taxable income on the investments made in R&D. It is the largest credit mechanism to companies for internal development of R&D and competitiveness encouragement in the United Kingdom.–support/rd–tax–credits/about

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI)
British government organization that supports UK companies in their international business and foreign companies that wish to settle in the country.

Technology Strategy Board (TSB) British national agency of innovation. It works with the government, business and scientific community to remove barriers to innovation and invest in new product development and technology intensive services.

Catapults Centres
Network formed by several catapults, technology and innovation centers in various areas that support marketing of British research results, bringing closer university and industry.

Intellectual Property Office (IPO)
British government official agency responsible for the registration and granting of intellectual property rights in the United Kingdom.

Design Council
Gathers business decision makers, policy makers, educators, designers and architects to discuss new ideas and insights in design and innovation.

National Endowment for Science, Technology and The Arts (NESTA)
Finances foreign visits to the United Kingdom, programs to accelerate business in the country and mentoring activities.

Research Councils (RCUK)
Governmental agencies responsible for investment in research and development in the United Kingdom. They fund research, support researchers through training and provide access to research facilities.

Technology Transfer Offices (TTO)
The main universities have Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) responsible for helping researchers to register intellectual property and serving as a marketing channel of the knowledge produced.

Higher Education Innovation Funding – HEIF
In 2010 the universities captured £ 3 billion from external sources and offered services to companies and other partners that worth more than £ 2.8 billion – value that increases at a rate of 4% per year.–transfer/heif

Business Angels and Venture Capital Funds
Support both Business Angels and companies to get their investments, considering the area of operation, development and localization.

Private Equity and Venture Capital
The British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA) includes more than 500 member companies. It works supporting funding, research development and technical and legal requirements.

UK Innovation Investment Fund (UKIIF)
Governmental agency that works with Venture Capital. Supports innovative businesses with high increase rates through the management of private equity funds specialized in the technological sector. Finances enterprises strategic and with accelerated growth, start-ups and spin-outs.–support/ukiif


British main programs of international collaboration


Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)
National structure in a given field of technology or business that gathers actors from companies, universities, research, financing and technological organizations to stimulate innovation.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)
Relations formed between companies and academic institutions to facilitate the transfer of technologies and techniques, the funding and practical training of students involved.


New business opportunities


Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP)
Personalized service that provides reliable networks and experience of successful international entrepreneurs to start-ups in global markets.

Science Parks
The United Kingdom has 70 science parks. There are more than 3.100 business around the country in various fields, particularly in informatics and biotechnology.

Business Incubators
British authority responsible for the development and support of incubation environments in the United Kingdom.

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